Atlantic Clipper Whitsunday Islands Queensland Australia
The Atlantic Clipper
Boat Layout

At a massive 34 Metres in length Atlantic Clipper is one of the largest vessels in the Whitsunday Islands. Fully airconditioned throughout and with a large shaded area on the top deck there is seating for all. The onboard spa offers a unique way to watch the scenery pass by.
Atlantic Clipper Whitsundays Cruise
Atlantic Clipper Whitsunday Islands Fish feeding
Atlantic Clipper Snorkeling
Atlantic Clipper Whitsundays Fish Feeding
Atlantic Clippers Mid Level Layout Plan
Atlantic Clipper Cabin Layout plan
The Atlantic Clipper bar and kitchen are found on the mid deck level. A large comfortable saloon area awaits you as well as a lounge and T.V. area.
Atlantic Clippers lower level has 21 private cabins and offers private double or twin cabins, triple share and quad share cabins that are all air conditioned. Toilets and 10 hot and cold showers are nearby and there is room to stretch out in the cabins.
The Clipper Whitsundays Saloon area
Atlantic Clipper Whitsundays was originally designed as a long distance vessel doing runs between the Carribean, England, Australia, Singapore and Melbourne to Perth so the vessel was designed with space in mind. The Clipper worked out of Cairns as a Dive Vessel and after an extensive refit the current owners now offer Whitsundays Sailing Adventures, with onboard diving Atlantic Clipper is perfect for the job.
Atlantic Clipper Cabins Layout
Atlantic Clipper
Diving Whitsundays
Atlantic Clipper
Whitsunday Islands
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